Political Commentary

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I am an avid subscriber to coverage related to political affairs. I try dilligently to follow all levels (local, national, global) of news and events. But I don’t like to chime in when I don’t really feel I have anything worthy upon which to opine.

However, I’m compelled to set up this category to indulge in political blogging when the need arises. I actually have something to say about recent events: President Obama’s inauguration, former President George Bush’s departure from the Office, our national economic crisis, the war on terror, etc. However, it’s late and I unfortunately don’t have the time to delve adequately into those areas tonight. So it’ll have to wait until later.

In the meantime, this post will have to serve as the building block for future blogs on these types of topics. Should be interesting….


Shadows Rising {New Log Entry 001}

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Postcard from the Frontline

Mission Snapshot: Kill Aftermath

»»» Latest task complete–home soon. Reaped enough blood for now.

Still tormented by nightmares–can’t seem to escape. Exhausted. Need to come home and re-fuel. After, I’ll be ready to resume the hunt…. «««

— Aurra Sol

Greetings! Welcome to My Blog!

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Love in the Abyss

Love in the Abyss

Welcome to the Red Abyss Imagination! My Blog!

I have created this account primarily as a personal outlet for episodic fiction writing. I will be introducing here stories I have written in chapter installments–publishing them on my pages. As well as for several other purposes, the blogs will serve as an loose-based (though often tightly connected) extension of those pages.

I am an avid reader of all types of literature–both fiction and nonfiction. I also possess an eclectic taste for virtually all genre: action, adventure, drama, erotic/erotica-romance, horror, and sci-fi. Each published story will delve into many if not all of these genres–sometimes fitting almost entirely within one but also at times incorporating strong elements from each. I consider the latter type of focus an exploratory journey into boundless fiction writing. Of course, I did not invent this particular style; however, it is unique in that the stories published herein are and will be conjured from the deepest, unprocessed depths of my imagination.

Again, my intent here is to publish fiction prose I have written. However, I have many interests. And the possibilities for creative self-expression are simply too alluring to restrict my passions to just one area, type or category. Hence, as time flows into the nether regions of the future, I fully expect to pour my literary and artistic juices into other pools of direction. As an example, I may erect a book review category. Or construct a set of authors’ biography pages. Or forge a corner for film critique–opining on cinematic works taken from all genres (i.e., indie, mystery, thriller, tech, etc.). But that’s a potential vision to be realized somewhere down the road. Obviously, the wisdom is not to attempt to branch wildly into too many directions and fail to maintain a sense of order and purpose. So first thing first.

Truth is, I’m writing this mainly for myself. I consider it cathartic. I have this innate need to express myself through creative writing. However, anyone is welcome to track my progress if so inspired. What writer does not appreciate an audience. Still, even if a faithful entourage is not born, or passers-by simply decide to keep on passing by, that’s alright too. Although I actually do write with the hope and intent of having readers enjoy my work, the work itself is self-motivating and therefore imbues me with a sense of fulfillment.

My writing might prove strange to some. But, as I suspect any artist my attest, art that is born of the imagination is purged through the soul.

Thus, let it begin….


P.s. For any and all those interested, although comments for this particular post have been disabled (not all posts are so), I have created a special Remarks Page devoted solely for all general comments. Please feel free to check it out and also to explore the rest of the features and options on my blog.

P.s.s. Despite the fact that some of the pictures found throughout my blog may appear risque to some, none of them are what I would deem hard pornographic. This blog is and will not be used to showcase such images. However, some of the graphics and posted content will be of erotic substance. The official or unofficial policies of WordPress notwithstanding, my decision to place certain restrictions on the function and appearance of my blog is not meant to suggest one way or another my attitudes toward artistic sexual expression (including pornography). In this case, it is simply that I am more compelled by what is left to the reader’s (and even writer’s) imagination. Even if it appears to be only a little.


Desire Luminescent

Desire Luminescent